Zavod APIS/APIS Institute is a non profit and non governmental organization based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was established in 2012 as a socially engaged institute with a vision to promote social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and respect for human rights through diverse artistic and educational mediums.

We inform the public about contemporary social and humanitarian issues: We create photo stories, video stories, documentaries, short films, comics and cross media stories to contribute towards a more emphatic and inclusive society.

We educate and produce multimedia toolkits and online learning tools. We design activities to empower the vulnerable and contribute to their social inclusion by providing training on a diverse range of skills. We also produce educational multimedia toolkits for teachers so they can use them in classrooms.

Why we are participating in the project

The key objectives of NEXUS project is to empower students with a special emphasis on migrant students, to encourage them to uphold human rights values, and contribute positively to their society and the global community. All those objectives are aligned with APIS vision and activities and APIS is eager and grateful to contribute to NEXUS project.

We give voice to the socially excluded or marginalized:
The stories of vulnerable and underrepresented are one of our key mediums and contributions towards positive social change.
We promote social inclusion of underrepresented groups with special focus on migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, underprivileged and socially engaged youth in our activities.

We use digital storytelling, video, photography and crossmedia approaches to transform personal testimonies into art, educational and advocacy materials and develop educational multimedia toolkits.

Our role in the project

APIS` contribution to the project is through sharing its expertise in working with marginalized communities and advising about the needs and specific contexts of migrant students. Further, it`s strongly involved in dissemination activities and content creation on using digital, multimedia tools for inclusion as a way and medium of social and political empowerment.

Our Team

Romana Zajec

Romana Zajec

Programme Director

Since she completed philosophy studies she has been working as a radio and video-journalist, documentary filmmaker, scriptwriter and producer of socially engaged exhibitions, films and events.
As a programme director, she dedicates her time to the content development of the Institute and partnership-building. She works on the development of educational programs, training programmes focused on the integration of vulnerable groups, and on projects of socially engaged art production. She conducts video trainings and trains vulnerable groups, youth workers and members of NGOs in video production. She is experienced in various programs (national and European calls, Erasmus+ projects).