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Spletno oko hotline allows Internet users to anonymously report child sexual abuse images if they come across them online.

Tool Self-Assessmet

  1. Reflect back on the objective of the tool you built: did you exceed it, or fall short? If so, why?

Spletno Oko enables internet users to (anonymously) report child sexual abuse material they have come across online.

It meets the expectations. The reports are coming in continuously for the last 15 years, though the numbers vary. The tool is quite widely recognized by the general public. According to a recent study prepared for the European Commission, 49% of respondents in Slovenia said they would contact the national hotline if they found CSAM online.

  1. What are the tools’ metrics for success and what does metric say – how well did the tool do?

The metrics for success are the numbers of received reports and the number of reports forwarded to the Police (yearly). The numbers vary from one year to another due to different factors. However, every report sent to the police is a piece of success in the efforts to reduce child sexual abuse material online.

  1. Were your assumptions that the tool you built would: increase participation/engagement or tackle an issue/raise awareness correct? Do you think you chose the right approach – and what would you do differently?

We believe the tool was well set up to increase engagement and the metrics confirm that. However it is an ongoing process for the hotline to spread the word and raise awareness on the issue.

  1. What are you hearing from users? What do they enjoy in tool? What do they find challenging?

We had to address a few issues regarding the user interface which wasn’t simple and user friendly enough. Since than the users haven’t reported issues with using the reporting form. As far as we have done the user experience testing, the tool also turned out to be user friendly and effective.

  1. Did your tool deliver what you were hoping for? Are they useful for your key user audience? Are they being adopted?

The tool continuously delivers what we were hoping for – reports of child sexual abuse material, which we forward to the Police and by that help with the efforts to reduce such material online. Our reporting portal, together with the global network of similar hotlines, helps the law enforcement agencies around the world to find the perpetuators of child sexual abuse and protect the victims.

  1. What worked well through the implementation process? What areas have room for improvement?

Cooperating with organizations pursuing similar goals in Slovenia, as well as within European Union and internationally, worked well as a marker of support in achieving common goals. There is always room for additional work in the field of awareness raising and promoting the tool to the public.

Tool ID

  • GOAL:
    Safer Internet through reporting of child sex abuse
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  • Made by:
    Center  for Safer Internet project consortium
  • Country:
    2006 – to  date