Three pillars of NEXUS

NEXUS examines the role HEIs have in promoting civic and social responsibility of students, with an emphasis on including migrant students in such initiatives.

The objective of NEXUS project is to empower students (with a special emphasis on migrant students) to enjoy their rights, uphold human rights values, and contribute positively to their society and the global community. It will do so by innovating civic education through 3 main pillars of intervention, resulting in increased participation of students in social life of their communities.

  • MOOC on Civic Education

    A MOOC based on civic education structured in micro-learning units for students with migrant background “Active citizenship and participation in the digital age”, follow by a knowledge-sharing platform (building on open educational resources and practices) for civic educators focused on migration.

  • An inventory of digital tools

    An inventory of digital tools for open democracy and digital citizenship education, together with a handbook for educators on civic education for a digital age.